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Strategic Creative Consultís expertise allows full, innovative and cost-efficient uses of Marketing Research and Media Information at numerous levels, including:

Relevant statistical analyses on survey data or in-house data,

Confrontation and - if it looks appropriate - fusion of files from different sources using tailor-made algorithms,

Packing of data, graphical action-oriented reporting,

Conception and programming of proprietary, tailor-made software for automated graphical or textual reporting as well as for distribution of most relevant information in a Client Organization,

Computerization of the analysis of standard research products,

Development and programming of simulation models, IT tools for strategic decision making, etc.


Development of a fully automated processing (including graphical reporting) of a standard modular research product for measuring the positioning and identity of brands, still used under licenses in several European countries,

Programming of a complete IT tool for strategic marketing decision making for a major pharmaceutical company,

Development (except initial calculation phases) of the comprehensive client-server software package used by the majority of the advertising agencies and spacebuying centers for Radio scheduling in Belgium (Radiometrie Office)

Conception and programming of various algorithms for fusion of data or files, achieving strategic segmentations or clusterings,

Development of different tailor-made automated reporting systems for several repetitive market studies covering all major fields (market monitoring, brand image tracking, ...)



Olivier Quatresooz, founder of Strategic Creative Consult, has the following education:a BS as well as a MS in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Polytechnic School, University of Brussels) and a MBA (Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley). His professional experience includes: two years as consulting Engineer in telecommunications, one year as free-lance Marketing and Data Processing Consultant and sixteen years as IT Consultant, Statistical Expert and Managing Director of S.C.C.



Strategic Creative Consult is a company member of The Strategic Group.

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